Wot a Picture Case Study

06/03/2018 16:31

Business owners Graham and Joy Brealey

We have spoken to business owner Penny Bird to find out how joining the Kodak Express network and expanding their photo printing services online has changed her business...

Framing and photo retail store Wot A Picture was established in Street close to Glastonbury in 2003 by husband and wife team Penny and Keith Bird as a general photographic studio and shop.

The Kodak Express name continues to attract photo stores who want a brand which offers real customer recognition.

Starting as a camera shop the business has changed its core service over the years to framing. Penny and Keith recently decided to expand their photo printing services in-store and online by becoming a Kodak Express network member.

Store owner Penny Bird explains their decision: “We have always done photo printing in store but never had the benefit of online services, The Kodak brand was simply the most recognisable name for the purpose and also gave us the advantage to generally benefit from trading under the Kodak name in store."

Attracting new customers

"The Kodak Express website is not only a great online tool to use for our existing customers to order from home but also gives us a general web presence and higher chances for new customers to find us online,” Penny adds.

At Tetenal’s Open Day last September Penny took the opportunity to get a better understanding of Kodak’s APEX Photo Lab and how it would benefit her business alongside the Kodak branding.

Penny explains: “The visit to Tetenal before committing to joining the Kodak Express network was very reassuring because we could meet the team and also take a closer look at the Kodak equipment in Tetenal’s show room."

Increased photo printing business

After the first few months with their new equipment in production, Penny looks back: “It has been a great start for us. In the first 3 months of our current trading year we had an increase of 90% on our instant printing service. Before we simply had one Kodak Print Station in-store, the Kodak APEX now links to our new G4XL kiosk which allows us to manage the print flow from online and in-store orders much more efficiently. In addition, we received great support from Tetenal in terms of adding Kodak branding to our business. We now have dedicated signage as well as Kodak branded graphics throughout the store, giving our business a nice fresh look.”

"In the first 3 months of our current trading year we had an increase of 90% on our instant printing service."
Penny Bird
Wot a Picture

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