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15/11/2016 15:01

School's lab printer Pret-a-Portrait meets growing demand with Epson

School’s lab printer Pret-a-Portrait meets growing demand with Epson

As a photographic business specialising in school photography, the team at Pret-a-Portrait knows exactly what it means to process photos in high volumes, printing around 3,000 photos per day during their busy season.

It is therefore crucial for the business to have reliable print equipment available 24/7. That’s why Pret-a-Portrait decided to bring all their printing in-house with the Epson SureLab SL-D3000.

We spoke to Pret-a-Portrait Production Manager Chloe Peters to find out more.

You’ve recently added a second Epson D3000 printer after purchasing the first one. What were the main benefits that convinced you to buy the same printer again?

We wanted to buy a second printer to keep up with growing production demand. We had been very happy with our first D3000; it’s excellent print quality, it’s cost-efficiency and the simple to use software meant it had been a great success. So ‘same again’ felt like the obvious choice.

How have the Epson D3000 printers add value to your business?

We are now able to manage all our printing in house which improves our margins and provides a faster turnaround for our customers.

You previously used an external print lab but now do all your printing inhouse since having the Epson printers installed. What are the main benefits you’ve found since taking that decision?

We had enjoyed an excellent and successful relationship with the external lab for many years, but in the end bringing all our printing in house has been the right decision and a big step forward.

The Epson D3000s produce deeper richer colours than we had previously been able to achieve.

Our turnaround times have improved so we can provide a better service to our customers. And the software makes it easy to adapt our production plans at short notice to respond to specific circumstances when necessary.

Having both machines means that all our print production goes through the same workflow which makes life much simpler, and makes it much easier to respond to urgent orders quickly.

What equipment did you previously use in-house and how does the Epson D3000 compare to it?

We have two Noritsu D701s but we don’t use these for printing customer orders these days. Compared to our new Epson machines, their colour tones and depths simply don’t come up to scratch.

We also really appreciate the Epson D3000s self cleaning capability. A big improvement compared to the days when we’d discover a machine needed cleaning in the middle of a large print run.

“Bringing all our printing in-house has been the right decision and a big step forward”



With customers around the globe, from Belgium to Switzerland over to Dubai, Qatar, Singapore and China, Pret-a-Portrait is valued for its innovative approach towards portrait photography, high quality and quick turnaround times.

 Established in 2003 the business currently counts 40 staff working at their headquarters in Buntingford, Hertfordshire, in addition to 80 photographers based across various countries.

Pret-a-Portrait Production Centre

Pret-a-Portrait premises in Hertfordshire

Why did you choose Epson over its competitor brands?

We carried out a pretty thorough exercise exploring a wide range of options and there are a number of excellent offerings available. In the end the combination of the key factors; print quality, software features, usability, warranty, service and of course price the Epson came out top.

How did Tetenal support you in the process of choosing new equipment, from sales to technical services?

Chris and Phil did a great job talking through the printer and explaining how its capabilities would make a good fit for our business needs. They also seemed to appreciate the importance of excellent week in week out service, with timely supplies of ink and paper and a fast response to any technical support we might need.

How have Tetenal supported you since purchasing the new equipment?

We need our equipment to be working so we took out technical warranties which gives us telephone assistance, on-site technical support through an engineer and hardware parts for less than £5.00 per day to cover both machines!

In practice things have been exactly as promised. Tetenal’s technical support has been fantastic; fast response and quick solutions.

“Having both our Epson machines covered under warranty for less than £5 a day is amazing value”


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