Framing Success Case Study

01/06/2018 13:47

Professional Photo Lab Framing Success

Professional photo lab Framing Success have recently converted their entire photo production to a dry lab solution from Epson. After years of relying on wet labs, business owner John Martin decided to test how the dry lab alternative, the Epson SureLab SL-D3000, would compare to their current solution.

Based in Salfords, near Reigate, the business specialises in photography services for universities, colleges and schools where excellent print results are always key, making quality a main factor to test during the trial period.

Lab Manager Bob Sears explains the details behind the equipment trial: ”We had a loan unit for seven weeks earlier this year which gave us the opportunity to test the Epson SLD3000 before fully committing to it and converting the entire business. However, I must admit that it didn’t take long for us to decide that the quality of this machine is top class and switching our production completely to dry would actually bring many more benefits.”

Shortly after the trial with the loan unit, the professional lab was determined to take the step and switch their work flow ‘from wet to dry’. The team went ahead and committed to purchasing Epson SLD3000 machines to replace all the Noritsus. In addition, to supplement the D3000 printers, Framing Success purchased a number of Epson SLD700 printers from photographic supplier Tetenal.

Business owner John Martin explains: "The SL-D700 printers provide great extra flexibility and resilience for our print production while being portable enough to be used when photographing on location."

Lab Manager Bob emphasises how the Epson SL-D3000 delivers quality levels that were impossible to achieve with their previous wet lab solution: “We noticed that the whites are very clean and much crispier than those we produced with our wet lab. It’s great to see that we can not only keep our high-quality standards but even exceed them in some areas.”

Bob further explains how the new production set up is beneficial for the entire team and how it has helped to make the internal work flow more flexible for everyone: “Usually we are around four to five people in the lab but during busy periods it can be up to twelve people at the same time which means we need to be able to rearrange the workflow.

Our new Epson system is much more user friendly than the previous one. It doesn’t require the handling of chemicals, so it's much safer, cleaner and environmentally sound than the Noritsus. With training a larger number of our staff can work with the Epson machines, whereas the wet lab required maintenance carried out by someone with professional knowledge.”

Looking back at the installation of the new equipment, Bob underlines how smooth the process was for the lab and how Tetenal contributed to making it an easy switch:

“It was great to see that Tetenal’s aim was to set up exactly the workflow we were aiming for. We had Tetenal’s Technical Team set up the machines during a two day install and even take care of our old wet lab which made it a very easy process for us.”

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