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Tetenal’s almost unique proposition is that we work with a variety of brand partners to be able to offer you a portfolio of brands that specifically fit your requirements rather than pushing you down the route of a single brand solution.

We work with some of the leading brands in the photographic, printing and gifting markets. Our authorised supplier status enables us to bring you the very best products at competitive prices. In addition, our relationships have been forged with these brand pioneers over many years, giving us direct access to the manufacturers for sales and support information as well as excellent stock levels across a core range of key products.

If you’re a brand owner who would like to speak with us regarding distribution, please use the contact form you will find in the Contact section of the site.


The name Kodak has been synonumous with photography since 1888 when George Eastman established his company in Rochester, New York.

The company is still famed for its range of Kodak Professional Papers and Films as well as lending its name to the Kodak Express network of stores, managed in the UK & Ireland by Tetenal.

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The Epson brand was established in 1975 as an amalgamation of businesses including the famous Seiko brand, famed for its timekeeping pieces.

Since then Epson has become famed for it’s proprietary technology in the world of Inkjet Printing across a wide variety printers, inks and paper. Their famed print heads and Ultrachrome inks are the benchmark for excellence.

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Noritsu have long been one of the leading names in the world of photo printing.

Firstly, with traditional wet processors and, since 2002, in the realm of chemical free Dry Labs, helping to set the benchmark for build quality, exceptional print production and reliability.

Noritsu Dry Labs work exclusively using advanced inkjet technology and we have options suitable for most photographic businesses.

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The Tetenal UK owned Spectra Jet brand of Ink Jet paper has a loyal and growing customer base across Europe.

Featuring a wide variety of paper finishes in the most popular sizes, Spectra Jet covers Dry Lab, Large Format Paper and Fine Art.

Paper samples, swatch books and profiles are all available upon request.

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Champion Photochemistry supply high quality products for all applications in both the Photo and X-Ray markets. From high volume labs running at low replenishment rates to minilabs with variable throughput, Champion has a suitable product. The Champion range of x-ray products are used widely in the medical/ veterinary and NDT markets.

As official UK Distributors, Tetenal offer a market leading Chemical Monitoring and Technical Support Service to chemistry customers.



Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) was established in Japan as far back as 1876. Specifically in the photofinishing markets, DNP has been the pioneer of dye sublimating printing technology and the world’s largest manufacturer of dye sub ribbons.

DNP Photo Imaging Europe combines more than 20 years of experience in photo printing and kiosk backed by the quality and reliability customers expect.

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The two faces of Ilford cover Paper, Film and Chemistry. A favoured brand of professionals and enthusiasts who grew up using their products in darkrooms and studios around the world.

Tetenal’s product portfolio includes a wide variety of classic Black & White Films, Paper and darkroom chemistry together with Ilford Galerie ink jet papers in both sheet and roll.

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There are very few companies worldwide that can be proud of such a long company history like Hahnemühle’s.

Founded back in 1584 as a paper mill in South Lower Saxony’s Solling uplands, Hahnemühle developed into a customer-oriented and innovative manufacturing facility and produces papers renowned and loved the world over for their quality and consistency.

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Eizo has been developing and producing high-quality monitors and display solutions for use in graphic design, image processing and wide variety of industries since 1968.

Eizo Monitors are now widely accepted as the industry standard amongst producers of photographic prints. Famed for their uncompromising quality. Eizo products that achieve the highest levels of reliability, image quality, and ergonomics.

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LION Picture Framing Supplies Ltd has been supplying the framing community since 1977.

Lion Stretcher Bars are seen amongst photographic and framing businesses as the most reliable bars available in terms of quality and consistency.

Tetenal have worked with Lion as our preferred supplier of Stretcher Bars and Hanging Display Systems for many years.

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Lomography's ever-growing line-up of exciting analogue photography and lifestyle products – You’ll find Cameras, Films, Accessories, lab services and even Fashion items. We’re sure you’ll find something to suit your tastes!

The Lomographic trademark of vignette shadowing, 'light-leak' effects, and saturated colours has attracted a cult following. Lomography produce fun and experimental products to keep creative analogue photography available and accessible to everyone!.

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Savage Backgrounds have been the photographer’s choice for over 60 years, offering the most cost-effective solution for creating smooth, even backgrounds for portrait, commercial, product photography, videography, and more.

Savage Seamless Paper is a high-quality, non-reflecting paper background with an exquisite, fine-tooth feel that belies its inexpensive price tag.

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