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Maintenance Tanks are a vital cog in the smooth running of most inkjet printers and the importance of changing them when the automated message appears cannot be overstated.

The tank collects any excess ink generated during normal processing and when switching between Black ink types. It must be stated that this is a very small percentage of the overall ink usage and the periods between when they need replacing are based on the number of prints you are producing.

Trying to overide or reset the Maintenance Tank warning system can lead to serious faults developing with your printer as vital parts of the machine can become clogged as the excess ink has nowhere to go if the tank is full. You will see that official Maintenance Tanks from your manufacturer will be chipped which enables the printer to log usage data and keep an accurate record of its history.


Here at Tetenal, all our printers are supported with a range of compatible maintenance tanks and accessories to ensure their smooth running and to make your job easier when using them.

You can find the correct Maintenance Tank and accessories by entering the name of your printer into the search function on the website. This will bring up the products associated with your printer, including inks, maintenance tanks and accessories.

You will notice that many of the Maintenance Tanks will fit a variety of printers which means availability is improved from the days when every printer type required its own specific maintenance tank and accessories.

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