Lomography B&W Babylon Kino 135 / 35mm Film ISO 13.

Delicately capture the details of life’s most emotive moments with this moony-eyed monochrome.

Moody Monochrome

Babylon Kino B&W Film captures life’s most emotive moments in detailed tender renderings. With a high dynamic range, the Babylon Kino B&W Film comes into its own when shooting intimate portraits and soft storytelling scenes, rendering gorgeous light effects across candid close-ups too - Babylon Kino B&W Film delicately imbues frames with nuanced nostalgia.

Glamorous Grayscale

This panchromatic emulsion is perfect for practiced professionals and fledgling photographers alike. Suited for those who like to indulge in sharp detail, low grain and subtle gradient transitions, the Babylon Kino B&W Film captures soft tonal contrast, retaining attributes even in super bright scenarios.

Master your Low ISO Monochromes

This film has a slow speed of ISO 13, so we recommend using a camera and lens with manual controls for better control over your exposures. You should be able to manually adjust the shutter speed of your camera and aperture of your lens. Using a fast lens (maximum aperture of at least f/1.4 - f/2.8), is also recommended. This evocative emulsion can be developed both in the lab or at home with the standard black and white process and renders stunning effects with a variety of different developers. Whether you are a dab hand in the darkroom or looking to boost your development skills, Lomography are here to help and have created a bespoke Babylon Kino B&W Film Guide PDF with everything you need to know including tips, tricks, filters and a development chart.

Here is a quick overview on how your developer of choice will work with the Babylon Kino film:


A good developer for this film and is an excellent mo

Technical Information

SKU: F13BW35

Barcode: 9007710006651

B and W and-or Colour : B&W

Brand: Lomography

Film Format : 135/35mm

Film Speed : 13

Number of Exposures : 36 Exp

Quantity In Pack : 1

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