Lion Eco Tape 38mm x 50m

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38m x 50m Lion Self Adhesive Eco Tape.

Flexible self-adhesive tape, ideal for giving a neat and attractive finish to the back of a canvas.

Lion Self-Adhesive Eco Tape is for sealing the backs of frames to keep out insects and air pollutants.

Lion ECO 15+ self-adhesive flexible sealing tape is used by many framers. It gives an attractive finish to the back of the frame and is cost effective.

Easily shaped into the backs of picture frames with its flexible properties and lasting adhesion, this products sticks well to itself, timber and backing boards.

Store in a warm, but not hot, dry place. May absorb airborne moisture and wrinkle if stored in a cold or damp place.

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SKU: 2429

Brand: Lion

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