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Printing on a whole new level

Large Format Inkjet Printers - Printing on a whole new level

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Designed for the professional photo, fine art and proofing markets

As mentioned above, our range of Epson Aqueous printers are widely accepted to be the market leading large format printers thanks mainly to their constant innovation in technology. Many photo professionals trust Epson to accurately represent their original images in print. These professionals span Landscape, Commercial, Fine Art and Wedding Photography. Available in a choice of 24, 44 and 64-inch widths, and 8 or 10 colours.

The SureColor SC-P6000, SC-P7000, SC-P7500, SC-P8000, SC-P9000, SC-P9500 and SC-P20000 inkjet printers incorporate Epson’s exclusive PrecisionCore™ printhead technology this means outstanding performance,long-lasting quality and superb colour reproduction for all your prints.

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Our Epson aqueous inkjet large format printers and wide format printers are available in a choice of 24-inch, 44-inch and 64-inch widths, and eight or ten colours.

The SureColor SC-P6000, SC-P7000, SC-P8000, SC-P9000, SC-P10000 and SC-P20000 inkjet printers incorporate Epson’s exclusive PrecisionCore™ printhead technology to produce outstanding performance and long-lasting quality with ultra precision in the control of dot size, shape and placement, this means superb colour reproduction for all your prints.


Landscape Photographer and Epson UK Photography Ambassador Charlie Waite describes his views on printing as follows “Printing is the difference between taking a cursory look at an image on a tablet and a captivating centre piece of a room, which becomes a talking point. Print is the photograph's rightful inheritance and I choose Epson every time.” 100's of customers across the UK & Ireland have chosen Tetenal as their Epson Large Format Printer provider due to our knowledge and expertise in the field. In addition to our consistently competitive pricing, Tetenal also offer a full consultation, installation, training and technical support service.

high-quality graphic arts printing solution

Epson’s eight-colour UltraChrome HD pigment-based ink-set, the SC-P8000 and SC-P6000 have a wide colour gamut, improved lightfastness and are capable of producing neutral black and white prints. Ideal for producing professional photographs, fine art prints, and standard proofs they are the all-round, high-quality graphic arts printing solution.

All models are available bundled with Epson’s optional SpectroProofer incorporating the ILS30 colorimeter powered by X-Rite for fast, accurate, colour measurement. The Epson SpectroProofer solution ensures consistent, repeatable colour accuracy regardless of media used.

Ideal for long print runs, all Epson SC-P Printer models come with high-capacity Epson Ink cartridges, while the SC-P Series printers’ low power consumption saves on your energy costs.

Also, thanks to superior lightfastness, prints produced using Epson UltraChrome HD and HDX inks and Epson Media will still look their best long after they have been printed. Amazingly prints on Premium Glossy Photo Paper can last up to 60 years 2!.

The ultimate proofing solution.

Epson’s superb reputation in the proofing printer market, means both models ensure highly accurate prints with colours, with all the consistency you demand throughout the print run.

Epson’s 10-colour UltraChrome HDX ink-set, incorporating their new violet ink, allows both printer models to produce a very wide spectrum of colours, achieving 99% of the Pantone®1 certified colour library for highly accurate spot colour reproduction.

This makes the Epson SC-P9000 and SC-P7000 printers the most colour accurate large format printers on the market utilising 10 colours or less! These new printers models are also available with a Light Light Black UltraChrome HDX ink configuration that replaces the violet ink making them ideally suited to high-end photographic and fine art applications that require the ultimate in print quality for both colour and monochrome/ B&W reproduction.

1 The SC-P7000V/SC-P9000V has 99% Pantone reproduction, making it the most accurate when compared to other large-format inkjet printer and proofers with 10 or fewer colours, in the market June 2015.

2 PANTONE® is the property of Pantone LLC. 99%/98% coverage of PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE solid coated palette based on Epson Proofing Paper White Semi matte printed with Epson printer driver at 2880x1440dpi. PANTONE® coverage may vary when printed with a third-party RIP.

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