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Jobo Tank System 1500

The 1500 system is a highly modular, efficient, and economical roll film processing system.

It is ideal for both inversion and manual processing, as well as for rotation or machine processing.

The system has the versatility to accommodate as little as one roll of 35mm with no waste of chemistry. It is user expandable up to 10 rolls of 35mm or 12 rolls of 120.

  • High efficiency
  • Fast filling and dumping of chemistry
  • Completely modular
  • Low-cost components (spare parts/expansion modules)
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for fully manual inversion-style processing
  • Fully compatible with all Jobo machines, with or without lift
  • Easy loading of 1501 adjustable 35/120 reels; includes duo-tab system for safe loading of 2 rolls of 120 film on each reel without risk of overlapping

Jobo Tank System 3000

Soon after their introduction in 1987, Expert drums became the industry standard for sheet film processing. The totally random chemical distribution produces the world's most even and consistent processing system. From 4X5 to 8X10, there is no better way to process sheet film or prints than with an Expert drum.

Expert drums are a unique product in the world of sheet film processing; they are the only available solution for rotation processing of sheets larger than 4X5.

Expert drums eliminate the need for complex and potentially damaging tray or hanger processing and are extremely easy to handle and load in the dark, especially when used for larger formats.

Expert drums are designed for use in rotation processing and require the Jobo lift accessory (#4072) when used on a Jobo processor. They can also be used manually with the Jobo roller base #1509.

  • Industry-standard-setting quality results
  • Fast filling and dumping of chemistry
  • Edge-to-edge even negatives; no mottling or other processing aberrations
  • Consistent, repeatable results
  • Professional high-end processing gear
  • Low chemistry usage, environmentally friendly (especially when used with roller base #1509)
  • Extensive instructions and processing support for Expert drums available online on Jobo's website here.

Expert drums are available for these formats:

Expert drums come with a special drying sponge rod - 3007 short sponge, 3008 long sponge.

Jobo recommends replacing the sponge every 6 months.

Expert drum lids are closed with pressure and friction and are easily opened with the Jobo foot pump #3360.

CatLABS recommends that every Expert drum user have a foot pump (sold separately).

Shop for Jobo Expert 3005 Drums, Expert 3006 Drums and Expert 3006 Drums. Read more about Jobo Expert drums in the Jobo website resources section:

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