Ilford SUC Flash HP5+ 400 135 27 Exp

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ILFORD SUC FLASH HP5+ 135 24+3 Exposures

ILFORD SUC FLASH HP5+ 135 is a single use, black & white camera with 27 exposures of HP5 PLUS film and a built-in flash.

• Single use camera.
• HP5 PLUS black & white film.
• 27 exposures.
• Built in flash.

The ILFORD HP5 PLUS Single Use Camera is an easy to use, fun camera.

Including 27 exposures of HP5 PLUS, this ISO 400 film makes the camera suitable for most indoor and outdoor shooting situations and is therefore ideal for parties, festivals, weddings, street photography and outdoor events. It contains a built-in flash for low light shooting.


Once used, the film can be processed in standard black & white photo processing solutions in complete darkness or through any lab that offers a dedicated black & white service. Please note that this product is not compatible with some ‘in-store’ high-street lab services – always check a lab can develop black & white film before handing over your camera.

For compatibility with most high-street photo processing services try the ILFORD XP2 SUPER Single Use Camera.

Technical Information

SKU: 1174168

Barcode: 019498174162

Available Apertures : f/9

B and W and-or Colour : B&W

Brand: Ilford Harman

Film Advance Method : Winder / Manual

Film and or Paper : Film

Film Speed : 400

Focal Length : 30mm

Focusing : Fixed Focus

Focusing Distance : 1 m - Infinity

Number of Exposures : 27 Exp

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