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GHI Computers expands photo business with second Kodak Express store

GHI Computers expands photo business with second Kodak Express store

GHI Computers started trading in 2001 and currently has two stores in the Tyne & Wear area, both of which now have both a dedicated Kodak Express section integrated into the original computing business.

Moving into the current Jarrow retail premises in 2006 and adding a Kodak kiosk into their store was the starting point of taking photo retail into their business. GHI Computers then opened the first Kodak Express store as part of the Jarrow business in early 2016. Business owner Gavin Holder has recently decided to build on the success and also add photo services to the GHI branch in South Shields.

Here we speak to owner Gavin Holder:

How did you start integrating a photo business into your existing retail operation?

"Initially we have provided a photo printing and passport ID service within the GHI Computers shop through the Kodak instant print kiosk. With a single kiosk and just one window vinyl displaying the service, we’ve received a steady income stream and have regularly joked that the kiosk had won ‘Employee of the month’. This lead to our decision to set up a dedicated photo area in the Jarrow store with Kodak Express in early 2016 and now we have recently added the second Kodak store into the South Shields branch."


"The Kodak brand remains the leading name on the high street for photo services and we felt this identity would give our business the greatest change for success. We visited the Demo KEX Store at Tetenal’s Leicester office when initially joining the network and this gave us the confidence and inspiration to see what we could achieve under the KODAK EXPRESS banner. Our experience with the first store convinced us that it made sense to continue down the KODAK EXPRESS path."

The Kodak brand remains leading name in high street photo printing

our first Kodak Express store was so successful it was the obvious decision to open a second one

What was the driver for adding a photo area into the second store?

"The first Kodak Express store we opened was doing really well from day one so it was simply the obvious conclusion to draw and bring Kodak Express into our South Shield business as well. As in the first store the large GHI store remains as one open space but we now have two clearly defined trading areas with separate external signage and internal styling."

Are you offering the same range of services in both stores?

"The basic range of services is the same but our second Kodak Express premises are generally bigger which allows us to include more kiosks for instant printing. We also have a large format printer for all poster prints and canvas. Moreover, we are always keen on introducing new products to meet the demands of our customers. Currently we are looking into sublimation printing for a range of different gifting items. What plans do you have for Marketing the new business? Both stores are quite lucky in terms of high footfall as one is based next to a supermarket and Shopping Centre and the second on a high street. However, we are planning to do some local advertising as well as different PR activities and promotions to increase awareness of our new photo services in South Shields."

"Our first KODAK EXPRESS store was so successful, it was the obvious decision to open a second one."

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