Epson D8 Micro-Lab Solutions

Photo Production Micro-Lab System - The adaptable MicroLab solution from Tetenal.

Depending on your needs, Tetenal offers you an adapted Epson D8 MicroLab solution, including up to 4 Epson D800 printers.

Epson D8 MicroLab

Discover new possibilities with the Epson D8 MicroLab

The Epson D8 Micro-Lab is a flexible, reliable and affordable solution for any photo production business. It integrates the Epson SureLab D800, Epson’s compact six colour inkjet printer, into a complete workflow allowing you to produce high-end professional prints in a wide range of formats using various types of paper.

The Epson D8 Micro-Lab packages include your required number of Epson D800 printers, a top of the range EIZO ColorEdge Monitor and 1-2 cabinets to organise your Micro-Lab set-up. You will also receive a 3-year warranty for each Epson D800 printer and Tetenal Technical Services will take care of the installation and staff training for your equipment. In addition, the package includes the Order Controller Software and a full set of Epson inks.

This unique micro-lab solution includes excellent hardware solutions from industry-leading brands Epson and EIZO. It allows you to tailor a hardware solution entirely to your production needs and work as efficiently as possible to meet high print demands.

Produce up to 1440 prints per hour (size 6” x 4”) with up to 4 Epson D800 printers running as part of your D8 MicroLab.

Please select the required amount of Epson D800 Printers.

D8 MicroLab 1

The Epson Micro-lab 1 produces 360 6x4 prints per hour.

1 x Epson D800 SureLab Printer Option

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D8 Micro Lab 2

The Epson Micro-lab 2 produces 720 6x4 prints per hour.

2 x Epson D800 SureLab Printer Option

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D8 Micro Lab 3

The Epson Micro-lab 3 produces 1080 6x4 prints per hour.

3 x Epson D800 SureLab Printer Option

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D8 Micro Lab 4

The Epson Micro-lab 4 produces 1440 6x4 prints per hour.

4 x Epson D800 SureLab Printer Option

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The Epson D800 SureLab Six Colour Photo Inkjet Production MicroLab Printer

Epson D800 SureLab provides outstanding media and format flexibility.

The Epson D800 printer can print photos, cards, invitations, flyers and promotional leaflets on a wide range of media and formats, including glossy, lustre and matte roll paper from 102–210mm wide and from 89–100mm in length.

Because of its compact size, this desktop printer can fit perfectly into a photo kiosk and is durable, as most of its parts are permanent.

Epson SureLab D800 Key features

High-quality - Micro Piezo printhead, Epson’s image processing (LUT technology) printing at 720dpi and 1440dpi

Wide gamut - 6-colour ink-set

Prints on a wide range of media - Glossy, lustre and paper-based matte

Reliable - Long-lasting cutter blade, also benefiting from long service intervals

Increased print head life - The Epson D800 has a print head life of 200K prints, double that of the earlier Epson D700 (100K)

Outstanding flexibility - Portable because of its compact size, versatile supporting a wide range of media and print sizes.

Compatibilty - Both PC and MAC drivers available.

High-quality production photo printing with the Epson SureLab D800

Building on Epson's success in professional photo printing, the Epson D800 surelab offers a print quality and colour consistency that is inline with Epson's professional graphics printers.

Ideal for printing high-quality images, greeting cards, event printing or mixed print jobs on demand. The D800 6-colour printer with inkjet technology features a wide colour gamut and prints sharp images.

It uses a professional ink that has been formulated for premium glossy photo prints, produced at high production speeds. The Epson D800 SureLab offers low cost per print and has a high resolution of 720dpi x 1440dpi.

Reliable and cost-effective mini lab printing

This Epson printer has a long service intervals, is low maintenance and has a long lasting blade, which help reduce downtime and save time and money.

UltraChrome D6r-S ink

This printer, with the specially developed Epson UltraChrome D6r-S ink, produces outstanding images with vibrant colours, intense blacks, sharp contours and smooth gradations.

Epson SureLab D800 dimensions and weight:

• Product dimensions: - 460‎ x 430 x 354 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
• Product weight: - 23 kg without media and ink

Epson SureLab SL-D800 Photo Printer Product Information

Download the Epson SureLab SL-D800 Photo Printer Datasheet

Meet the Epson Surelab D800 Printer

Introduction to the Epson Surelab D800 Printer

The EIZO ColorEdge CS230-CN 23" (58 cm) Hardware Calibration LCD Monitor

Discover a life less ordinary

The EIZO CS LCD Monitor Series gives you the freedom to turn the everyday into the extraordinary. Clearer images, more detail, sharper colours and consistent clarity are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy. So whether you’re creating images for a personal project or an amateur picture editor, the CS Series will take your work to the next level.

Work like a pro with accurate sRGB colour from the EIZO ColorEdge CS230-CN Series 23" Hardware Calibration LCD Monitor. The CS230 offers the advanced, professional features of the ColorEdge monitor range. with automatic colour adjustment, from its built-in SelfCorrection sensor and ColorNavigator 6 software, whilst meeting the many and varied needs and budgets of entry level hobbyists and 'prosumer' users that want to create, edit, and enjoy the world of digital photography, photo editing, illustration and other creative work.

EIZO ColorEdge CS230-CN Series 23" Hardware Calibration LCD Monitor specifications:

• Size: 27" (68.5 cm)
• Resolution: 2560 x 1440 (16:9 aspect ratio)
• Pixel Density: 109ppi Colour DisplayPort, HDMI: 1.07 billion from a palette of 278 trillion DVI: 16.77 million from a palette of 278 trillion
• Warranty: Five Year On-site

EIZO ColorEdge CS230-CN Product Information and User Manual

Download EIZO ColorEdge CS230-CN Product Information

Download EIZO ColorEdge CS230-CN User Manual

*3 Year Warranty on Epson D800 Printer, EIZO Monitors have a 5 rear onsite Warranty and PC's have a 1 Year Warranty.

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