CS1 Creation Station Kiosk

The Photo Print Kiosk that links into any workflow system.

The Tetenal CS1 Creation Station is a full service, gifting enabled kiosk which links to any system. The CS1 Creation Station now includes an Online Digital Passport System!

•22" Multi Touch Screen •Connects to any print workflow
Dual step image loading - Thumbnail preview, full upload on order
•Burn to CD/DVD - 30+ file formats •Software Auto Updates

The amazing CS1 kiosk is the complete Photo and Gifting Solution for your store, including an Online Digital Passport System. Exclusively available from Tetenal.

The CS1 Photo Print Kiosk has open architecture which means it can slot into any workflow and mini lab set-up. Endless print channels for all print sizes and surfaces.

Pre-loaded gifting templates enable you to produce a wide variety of products in-store or through our off-site fulfilment providers. The CS1 also features a 'multiple product basket' allowing users to order additional products without reloading their images.

The CS1 has a orderable product range of over 90 different photo and personalised gifting items; including Instant Enlargements, Canvas Prints, Money Boxes, Photo Mugs, Photo Calendars, Photo Greetings Cards, Coasters & Placemats, Phone Cases, Aluminium Panels, Photo Clocks, Jigsaws plus lots more!

Creation Station Kiosk

24" (610mm)

Tetenal Photo Print Kiosks

Photo Print & Gifting

Most minilab, photo lab, instant, Window & LFP printers - inc Epson Wide Format, Wet Labs, Dry Inkjet Labs/Printers, Dye Sublimation Labs/Printers. Also to FTP & hot-folder.

Online Digital Passport System.
off-site order fulfilment.

12 Months On-Site.
Optional warranty extension available.

Service Contracts, Delivery, Installation, Training and Profiling Services available.

E-mail us helpdesk@tetenal.uk.com
or use our Contact us page.

Options & Specifications

Key Features

• Transfer of images from Apple iDevices via WIFI (no cable required)
• Transfer of images from Android Devices via WIFI (no cable required)
• Automatic conversion of .PNG files to .JPG from phones
• Endless print channels for all print size and surfaces
• Dual step image loading process, firstly creating thumbnails, then loading of full res images; instantly allowing users to preview/select/edit their images
• Multiple product basket allowing users to order additional products without reloading media
• Output to devices including, instant, minilab, FTP, windows printers & hot-folder
• HMPO ID Code function available with secure vault solution, email & write to USB options

Kiosk Options

CS1 Creation Station Kiosk BundleSKU CODE: CS1
CS1 Kiosk Bundle includes:

•Kiosk with 12 months licence (£185 per year thereafter)
•Remote Install and set up
•Third party fulfilment photo gifts
•Epson receipt printer
•New passport ID code activation, email and pre-check software
•Bespoke kiosk surround

Accessory Options

CS1 LicenceCS1L
CS1 Flash Card ReaderCS1MCR

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System Information

Head Unit Specifcation
i3 3.6GHz CPU, 4GB RAM, 120GB SSD

Operating System
Win10 64bit

Monitor Specification

Ilyama 22” multitouch screen


Input Options
From Phone/ Tablet via cables, or by AirPrint from Apple iDevices & Android Devices via WIFI (no cable required), from Memory Cards, CD/ DVD, Via Bluetooth.

Dimensions W x D x H





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