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Colour Negative Paper & Photo Chemicals

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Tetenal have been synonymous with photographic chemistry for over 150 years so we have the expertise to advise you on everything connected with processing chemistry and paper. When it comes to supplying you with chemistry and media for your photo lab we are the experts. Not only are we importers and distributors of silver halide paper, we are synonymous with photochemistry. Tetenal’s history in the manufacture and distribution of photographic chemistry dates back over 150 years and our name is featured on a wide variety of products including E6 and C41 as well our ever popular Colortec kits.

Our experienced experts are able to look at your processes and suggest the best product mix for your specific requirements, taking into account both quality and cost. We are also able to visit your premises to conduct testing of your current processes as well as oversee your switch to new paper and/or chemistry where required. Tetenal supplies chemistry from a number of leading brands and for a variety of applications including darkrooms, professional photo labs and x-ray testing sites.

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