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Helping Caterham Digital to gain customer trust via delivering quality

19/1/23 12:40

Caterham Digital - Professional Photography Studio & Post Office

Owner: Ying Shi


Caterham Digital is a professional photography studio, coupled with a Post Office Service, on a busy high street in Caterham Valley, Surrey. The shop is owned and run by Ying Shi, a photographer with 20 years' experience, predominantly in the wedding industry. Ying has worked with Tetenal for over a decade as a full-service customer, including the supply of large format, wet and dry lab machinery, technical support and marketing consultancy.


Caterham Digital services include passport and ID solutions, instant prints and large format printing products, many of which appeal to Post Office customers. There are 21,000 residents in Caterham Valley, so there is the opportunity to maximise that high footfall.

Ying is increasingly finding that customers are now much more discerning when it comes to quality, looking for convenience without compromising on that quality. They want an instant solution and don’t always want to wait for photographic prints. With footfall numbers returning to that of pre-pandemic, yet wedding photography still not back to pre-covid numbers (Ying was previously shooting 50 a year), the opportunity to leverage walk-ins from the Post Office and continue to drive revenue couldn't be missed. Caterham Digital were running old photo printing equipment for their digital printing, which had outgrown the compact shop space, was becoming expensive to operate and beginning to become less reliable and require more frequent servicing.

Solution & Benefits

"If you offer better quality, you become more trustworthy"

- Ying Shi, Owner, Caterham Digital

Ying worked with Tetenal to design a solution that met the appetite for quality prints on the go via a demo of DNP Micro Lab system in our Leicester showroom. The DNP Micro Lab would ensure a more accessible way of delivering ID photos, prints from mobile, personalised options, and an open system meaning that remote service support is possible, as well as a more compact unit saving vital space in her shop. Tetenal were also able to advise on point of sale and retail displays in line with Ying’s desire for clean lines and a contemporary look and feel for her store and studio.

The fact Ying was able to visit Tetenal’s premises to get a full demo of the options available, plus the ongoing support of a dedicated Account Manager all backed up by in-house Technical Support and Marketing was a key factor in her decision to continue her longstanding relationship with Tetenal.

"I’ve been approached by others but my relationship with Tetenal for many years is key"

- Ying Shi, Owner, Caterham Digital


"We can show our customers how to be more creative and more modern"

- Ying Shi, Owner, Caterham Digital

Tetenal’s technical team completed the installation of the DNP Micro Lab system late last year, with no impact to the retailer's service, and we met with them to follow up in person...and Ying is beaming.

“I love the streamlined and improved appearance of the kit” says Ying.

“An unexpected result is that we now have increased interactions with our customers by guiding them on how to use the kiosks. Normally once you’ve shown them once, it gives them the confidence to visit again and again, creating prints that will give them lasting memories.”

“We are really offering Post Office customers something more, with a convenient solution for whilst they are here.”

“It is a much more cost-effective solution than the equipment we had previously. Add in the savings we have made from improved running costs and no service fees and it’s obvious that this has been a no brainer for our business.”

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