Canvas It Up Case Study

15/07/2018 13:47

Business owners Graham and Joy Brealey


The Essex based business have nothing but positive things to say about their recent switch from aqueous to solvent as owner Halil Yaltrik explains.

Humble beginnings

Canvas It Up started in 2013 as a small project in an equally small studio by two art and design enthusiasts and they have been on quite a journey.

As a start up project, the owners Halil Yaltrik and Sinal Abdal were juggling two jobs at a time to get the business up and running whilst trying to build a regular and loyal customer base.

Their commitment was to their new customers, off ering creative products at affordable prices. The new business met their goals and targets through the hard work and dedication of the two young entrepreneurs.

The original small project has outgrown expectations and now consists of a "family" of 7+ members at a large studio, located in Essex.

Single minded proposition

As the name suggests Canvas It Up is a simple and single minded proposition, producing canvas prints

prints in a variety of styles and designs to bring great quality art to liven up homes and offices.

The owners knew they were entering into a competitive market place but they did not want to compromise on the quality of the products they produced. This was essential to the success of the business going forward.

As Halil recognises "selling a single canvas print is fine but you cannot grow a business without repeat custom and we knew that if we skimped on quality we would not get the repeat business we needed, so we had to get the business model right, choosing the right equipment and materials to produce products that we would be happy to have in our own homes but at an affordable price".

From Aqueous to Solvent

Canvas It Up have always been loyal advocates of Epson. The business was built on two Epson Aqueous Large Format printers and the quality they produced was exceptional.

As the business grew their biggest issues were being able to keep up with the demand as well as keeping the cost of ink under control without losing quality.

This is where Tetenal and in particular their Epson Solvent Print Manager Jeremy Roy came in as Halil explains: "As our business grew we knew we had to look at our equipment and if possible our costs. The one thing we couldn't do though was reduce the quality of our product. When Jeremy spoke to us about replacing our printers with the new Epson 80600 Solvent Printers I must admit I was sceptical about the quality they could produce".

Over the moon

"When I saw the sample prints from the Solvent Printer I was almost speechless. Not only that, the speed was amazing. The icing on the cake was the reduced cost of the inks. It all seemed to good to be true, but it's not. We are totally over the moon with these printers. They have made such a diff erence to our business.

So many positives

"It's hard to know where to start when talking about the benefi ts of the Epson Solvent Printers. We've seen our productivity increase 10 fold with the speed. They are so easy to use, with less maintenance required and there are no dust problems as we had with our previous aqueous printers.

The cost saving on inks has been incredible and the fi nance available made them an aff ordable proposition. We have basically made a substantial cost saving for the business without having to compromise on quality. Plus we have the increased speed. Did I mention that?

Tetenal have been so helpful and supportive throughout the whole process from the initial consultation through to testing and installation. I would thoroughly recommend anyone in a similar situation to take a look at the Epson Solvent printers and you can't choose a better partner than Tetenal"

"We have basically made a substantial cost saving for the business without having to compromise on quality"

Halil Yaltrik. Canvas It Up

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