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savage seamless background paper

non-reflecting paper background rolls with an exquisite fine-tooth feel

Perfect backgrounds for your studio

The Tetenal by Savage range of high quality background rolls are available in a variety of colours to suit most photography and video shoot requirements. 

Available in at least two widths to give you even greater flexibility should studio or working space be at a premium. In addition, we supply both background vinyl rolls and the amazing Translum which enables you to create perfect diffusion panels and silhouetted figures. 

A standard professional photographic studio will consist of various elements such as: lighting, lighting stands, backgrounds and background hanging systems, softboxes, umbrellas, blinds, shadowless tents and additional accessories. Of all of those items, the one that will end up in the final shot is the Background Roll.

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Perfect for a range of applications

The Tetenal by Savage Widetone range is a high-quality, non-reflecting paper background with an exquisite, feel that you'd come to expect from background rolls with a more expensive price tag. Tetenals' Savage seamless paper is hands-down the most cost-effective solution for creating smooth and even backgrounds in  portraits, commercial photography, product photography, video photography, and much more. 

It’s also a top choice for other applications, such as  theatre productions, special-event decorations, display banners, posters, even video projection screens.

More than just a paper background

Apart from specialist green screens, translum or specialist designs, the most common type of background roll is of the paper, full colour variety (yes we're treating white and black as colours!)

Tetenal by Savage Background Paper Rolls are available in four main widths:

One of the benefits of the Tetenal by Savage range of Background Rolls is the variety of widths they are available in. Photographers will usually choose the width of their Background Roll based on the type of photography they do. Obviously photographing products or small objects, the background with the smallest width of 1.35m will work here, but portrait photography requires a wider frame. In this case, it is recommended to purchase a background with a minimum of 2.18m in width. Users who also want to have wider human resources, for example in the case of acts, should think about choosing either the 2.72m or 3.56 options.

When it comes to length you'll also find that our Tetenal by Savage Background Rolls also have that pretty well covered. The range covers lengths from 11m, which is predominantly used for specific colours and up to 25m and 32m for the core Black, White and Grey options. 

Whatever type of photography you do, we're sure to have something that's right for you. Our Background Rolls represent true value for money across a range full of variety and options.

savage translum background rolls

Create Fantastic Effects in three different weights

Translum is a versatile and unique, semi-translucent plastic material designed for transforming light and creating stunning visual effects in the photography studio. 

Tetenal by Savage Translum Background Rolls come in three distinct weights to enable you to create a variety of effects.

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