Lomo Simple Use Camera 400/27 Lomochrome (Purple).

Preloaded with LomoChrome Purple ISO 100-400 film, this simple-use camera is perfect for beginners and can be reloaded with any 35 mm film!

Carefully crafted by our color contortionist chemical engineers, the 2019 LomoChrome Purple film was fermented in a top secret location and allowed to mature to perfection. A delicate balance of the finest photon reactive silver halide crystals and special color compounds, this trippy emulsion yields spectacular psychedelic scenes. Use it to craft a heady blend of earthy reds, crisp plums and velvety violet notes.

Lomo Simple Use Camera 400/27 Lomochrome (Purple) Features:

Analogue Made Easy

Lomography's Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera is preloaded with film so you can start shooting straight away.

Filled with Fantastic Film

LomoChrome Purple ISO 100-400 gives your shots amazing purple hues for a psychedelic analogue effect.

Get Creative with Color Gel Flash Filters

Mix and match three different Color Gel flash filters to tint your shots with one of six different colours.

Take Your Camera Everywhere You Go

Portable and light, the Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera can easily be your go-to camera for everyday shooting.

Easy to Develop Your Pictures

Just hand in your film at any photo lab. It's quick and easy to get your photos developed at the LomoLab!

Reload and Keep Shooting

Easily reload your camera once you've finished your first roll. Mix and match between our wide range of Lomography 35 mm films and check out our Reload Kits!

Lomo Simple Use Camera 400/27 Lomochrome (Purple) Technical Specific

Technical Information

SKU: SUC100LC-27

BarCode: 9007710003384

Available Apertures : f/9

B and W and-or Colour : Colour

Brand: Lomography

Film Advance Method : Winder / Manual

Film Format : 135/35mm

Focal Length : 31mm

Focusing : Fixed Focus

Focusing Distance : 1 m - Infinity

Quantity In Pack : 1

Shutter Speed : 1/120

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