Lomo Diana Baby 110 & 12mm Lens Package

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Lomography Diana Baby 110 Camera & 12mm lens.

Experience the wonderful world of 110 format photography with this small but almighty snapper, with an interchangeable 12 mm lens for ultimate experimentation!

• Take in all the details with the Diana Baby 110 Camera and the 12 mm wide-angle lens.
• Experience the iconic Diana aesthetic, in miniature 110 format.
• Enjoy creative possibilities like multiple and long-exposures.
• Shoots on perfectly portable 110 film.
• Super fun and easy to shoot.

Lomography Diana Baby 110 Camera & 12mm lens Specifications:

Film Format: 110.
Focal Length: 24mm.
Flash: PC - Flash Plug.
Available ISO Settings: No ISO Adjustment.
Multiple Exposure: Yes.
Tripod Mount: Yes.
Cable Release: Yes.
Battery: No Battery Needed.
SKU: hp620.

The Diana Baby 110 and 12 mm lens is the perfect sidekick to introduce you to the wonderful world of 110 format photography, with interchangeable lenses for even more experimentation. 110 format photography means small, lightweight and portable – the Diana Baby is perfect for slipping into your pocket or backpack for your big adventures or going unnoticed on a super-secret spy mission! Shoot mini-masterpieces featuring punchy colors, retro vignettes and artistic aesthetics – the real essence of Lomography! With multiple and long exposure possibilities or even interchangeable lenses, you'll be amazed by the creative possibilities of this small but almighty snapper!

A Cult Classic.

It was the early 1960s. Mini skirts were swinging into fashion, and Beatlemania was taking the world by storm. In a small manufactory in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, engineers were knocking together a little camera that would change the face of photography forever.

The Diana camer

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SKU: HP620

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