Kodak T-Max Fixer 1L

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Kodak T-Max Film and Paper Fixer 1L to make 5 Litre.

Highly efficient fixer which although ideal for the T-Max films, will fix other brands of film also. T-Max film seems to take more intense fixing than other films and we find that, with regular fixer, T-max film needs fixing twice to avoid "pink" negatives. Hence why T-Max fixer is recommended for T-Max films for shorter fix times, and less waste.

• Fixer for Film and paper.

• 1L concentrate, makes 5L5 Litre.

Technical Information

SKU: 5089198

Barcode: 3173185089195

B and W and-or Colour : B&W

Brand: Kodak

Chemistry Function : Fix

Film and or Paper : Film & Paper

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