Kodak Endura Trans Display Film (72") 182.9cm x 30.5m

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Kodak Endura Trans Display Paper (72") 182.9cm X 30.5M

Endura Transparency Display Material is a translucent-base color transparency material for use on illuminators without built-in diffusers.

Use Endura Transparency Display Material for large displays (such as trade-show stands and booths), in-store point-of-purchase materials, and indoor transit displays (airports, subways, etc.).

NEW! IMPROVED! Endura Transparency Display Material (translucent base film)— now with increased colour gamut!.

This Kodak DuraTrans Display Material is SP901 (Emulsion wound in) specification.

Attention-Grabbing Appeal .
Kodak Professional Endura Transparency and Endura Clear Display Materials create eye-catching displays. These colorful true photo-quality display materials deliver what your customers want while meeting your production needs. Endura Display Materials can help your business adapt to changing market and technology needs. They set new benchmarks for quality, productivity, and image stability for photographic (AgX) transparency output media.

For high-performance photo-quality backlit displays featuring—.

Bright, saturated colors with deep intense blacks for extra impact.

Superb detail from highlights to shadows and exceptionally sharp text.

Low D-min for clean whites.

Superior process robustness and handling for improved lab consistency.

Dependable, exceptional display performance for a variety of applications.

State-of-the-art image stability* for long-lasting displays.

* Based on product application including specific light levels and temperature conditions.

Technical Information

SKU: 8117657

Barcode: 41778117651

Brand: Kodak

Paper Finish : Display Film

Quantity In Pack : 1

Roll Width : 72in/182.9cm

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