Jobo Sheet Film Reel For Sheet Film For 25 Series Tanks

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JOBO Sheet Sheet Film Reel for sheet film for 25 series tanks.


JOBO Sheet Sheet Film Reel for 25 series tanks for processing of sheet films.

Fits all tanks (except 2513) in the 2500 system.

The reel can be adjusted for various film sizes and film can be loaded with or without loader.

JOBO Sheet Sheet Film Reel (for 25 Series Tanks) Features:

• The reel is designed for professional use.
• Made with durable plastic that is flexible.
• Holds up to six sheet films of size 6x9" / 9x12" / 4x5‘’.

Also available as #2509 single reel/ item.

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SKU: 2509X

Brand: JOBO

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