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JOBO Lab Kit M (Medium).

The JOBO Lab Kit M (Medium) has everything you need to get started processing your own 35mm and Roll (120) black & white films inside the JOBO Tank 1520* at home.

The JOBO LAB Kit M allows you to develop 35mm film and roll film (120) inside the JOBO Tank 1520.


Two reels 1501 can be fitted inside the 1520 Tank. This means that two 35 mm films can be developed at the same time and when adjusted to 6cm width, the 1501 reel can hold two 120 films.

The red clip prevents the films from overlapping. The cascade film washer allows for economical and efficient rinsing. Your black & white film reaches archival standard within just 5 minutes of rinsing.

The included JOBO graduates allow the user to precisely measure chemistry/ liquids and the the two scaled bottles included ensure proper storage of developer and fixer chemistry.

Make sure your chemistry is at the optimum temperature for your needs (normally 20o) using the JOBO precise thermometer. The kits film clips are great for hanging your prized film so it hangs perfectly straight whilst it dries.

Featuring the 1500 JOBO tank system is a highly modular, efficient, and economical roll film processing system.

JOBO Lab Kit M (Medium) Features:

• You can process your own 35mm & 120 black & white film with the JOBO Lab Kit M (Medium).
• This Kit the perfect for your starting your own lab.
• Easy to use/ easy to load film reel with high efficiency, with fast filling/ dumping of chemistry.
• 1500 tanks form part of a completely modular system, with low-cost components (spare parts/expansion modules).
• Everything you need to process your B&W 35mm and 120 roll film**.

Chemistry and water are not included.

JOBO Lab Kit M (Medium) Includes:

+ 1 x JOBO Tank 1520 (inkl. 2 x reel 1501).
+ 2 x JOBO scaled bottles (600 ml).
+ 1 x JOBO graduate (260ml).
+ 1 x graduate (20ml).
+ 2 x Set Film Clips.

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