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JOBO Lab Kit L (Large).

Enjoy the process of developing your Black & White 35mm and 120 roll film at home with the JOBO Lab Kit L (Large).

The big JOBO Lab Kit L (Large) includes 2 great additions above that of the JOBO Lab Kit M, featuring 4 x the film reel capacity, the JOBO 1540 Tank fits twice as many rolls (4 rolls) of film as the JOBO 1520 Tank (2 rolls), and when used in rotation processing, the chemistry consumption remains the same as with the Tank 1520 in hand inversion (470 ml).

Manual rotation processing is made possible with the elegant and convenient roller base included in this set. Film processing could not be more efficient, economical and environmetally friendly!

The included JOBO graduates allow the user to precisely measure chemistry/ liquids and the the two scaled bottles included ensure proper storage of developer and fixer chemistry.

Make sure your chemistry is at the optimum temperature for your needs (normally 20o) using the JOBO precise thermometer. The kits film clips are great for hanging your prized film so it hangs perfectly straight whilst it dries.

The JOBO Cascade Film Washer allows full archival washing of films in the tank, with minimum water flow. Reducing the required washing time to just 3 minutes. A universal adapter allows connection to most taps and a unique system allows you to set the water flow to an optimal rate required.

Featuring the 1500 JOBO tank system this ia a highly modular, efficient, and economical roll film processing system.

JOBO Lab Kit Large features:

• You can process your own black & white film with the Jobo Lab Kit L (Large).
• This Kit the perfect for your starting your own lab.
• Easy to use/ easy to load film reel with high efficiency, with fast filling/ dumping of chemistry.
• The 1540 tank forms part of a completely modular system, with low-cost components (spare parts/ expansion modules)
• Everything you need to

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