Pixel-Tech ID Photo Pro 8 - Subscription Renewal 1 Year

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ID Photo Pro 8 Subscription Renewal 1 Year (from month 11 of a valid/ current subscription).

Subscription Renewal for Updates and Technical Support, ID Photos Pro 8.

You will require a valid subscription to continue to use secure cloud storage for coded ID/ Passport data upload (when used in conjunction with active ID PHOTO PRO 8 - SECURE CLOUD STORAGE add on.)

Note: The ID PHOTO PRO 8 - SECURE CLOUD STORAGE will also be required to be renewed at the same time for an additional 1 year here for this coded ID/ Passport data upload service functionality.

Once your Subscription is renewed, you will also have access to all relevant updates and technical support.

More information about Subscription Updates and Technical Support:

What is a Subscription for Updates and Technical Support?
The Subscription is a guarantee of free access to all updates and all future versions of the ID Photos Software to be released during the course of your 12 month Subscription. The Subscription also gives you free access to professional support in case of any problems with the Software (including support via phone).

A valid/ current subscription is required, along with an active ID PHOTO PRO 8 - SECURE CLOUD STORAGE 'add on' to continue to use the coded ID/ Passport upload.

Is the Subscription ongoing?
A Subscription is valid for a period of 1 year. Following this, you can easily renew it again with us (whilst still within your current/ not expired valid subscription period) in the future for subsequent years.

You can renew your subscription from month 11 of your current subscription period (until expiry date).

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