DNP WCM - 2EU (Wireless Print Server)

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DNP Wcm-2 Wireless Connect Module (Wireles Print Server).

The DNP Wcm-2 enables wireless printing and streamlines printing for photographers to print quickly. Print photos wirelessly from macOS, iOS, Windows®, and Android® devices to DNP printers, connected via Wi-Fi for instant premium printing quality.

The mini module has an integrated hotspot, creating the perfect photo accessory for direct printing for professional photographers, at events, on-location or in the studio as well as photo booths.

Configuration and set up are intuitive, hassle free and accessible through Wcm-2 configuration webpage, from a mobile device or computer connected to Wcm-2 wifi. Once completed simply start printing. Wcm-2 takes instant printing to the next level!

DNP Wcm-2 Wireless Connect Module (Wireles Print Server) Key Faetures:

• Wirelessly print from macOS® and iOS® devices.
• Works with AirPrint® and Android® printing apps.
• Easy printing from tablet-based (iPad® or Android) photo booths and roamer booths.
• Possibility to connect two printers simultaneously.
• Print from multiple sources simultaneously.
• Built-in wireless “hot spot” network.
• Printer and media are automatically identified by Wcm2 Print.

DNP Wcm-2 Wireless Connect Module (Wireles Print Server) Supported Printers:

• DNP QW410
• DNP DS620


• DNP DS820
• DNP DS40
• DNP DS80


The Wcm Portal includes new admin controls that are easy to navigate from a mobile device. Set which print sizes are made available, manage Wcm Print functions, and other settings to customise the user experience.

The Wcm2 Print can connect to other networks via Wi-Fi or ethernet to allow you to print as well as connect to social networks for uploads.

DNP Wcm-2 Wi

Technical Information

SKU: 369909

Brand: DNP

Printer Compatibilty : DNP QW410, DNP RX1HS, DNP DS620, DNP DS820, DNP DS40, DNP DS80

Printer/Equipment Type : Wifi/ Wireless Print Server

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