DNP SnapLab SL620II All In One Photo Kiosk

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DNP DP-SL620 II (SnapLab 620 II) All-In-One Photo and Biometric ID/ Passport* Printing Kiosk with DNP's DS620 Photo Printer.

The DNP DP-SL620 II is one of the best all-in-one printing kiosk systems for photo shop businesses that combines the DNP DS620 6" Photo Printer with the 11.6" order-terminal DT-T6mini and intuitive Photo Kiosk software. You can start your photo business right away with a small initial investment in the DP-SL620 II.

• Variety of photo finishing Formats - Print up to 6x20" (15x50cm), also square format for 'Instagram' images.
• Compact yet high performance - Tiny 0.11m2 footprint (DS620 printer) for high quality prints/ smooth gradation.
• Easy to expand - 8" inch photo prints (to 8x32”), Double sided prints, Photo books, Calendars & Greeting cards with optional DS820/ DS820DX printer.
• Simple to use - Photo format selection is easy using the on screen step-by-step guide. The DS-SL620 II has the ability for wired and wireless connection.
• Biometric Passport photo/ ID Photo function*. - State of the art software that scans, verifies and validates ID photos to meet the official passport requirements for any country. (ID/ passport module is optional/ extra cost)


DNP DP-SL620 II (SnapLab 620 II) All-In-One Photo Printing Kiosk with DNP's DS620 Photo Printer.

As the growth of mobile phone photography becomes more common, the demand for instant prints from photo kiosks is also growi

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SKU: 212630006

Brand: DNP

Printer/Equipment Type : Kiosk, Instant Print Kiosk, Print Station, Photo Kiosk, Print Order Kiosk, Biometric ID, Passport

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