Epson D1000 Printer, Ink & Media Bundle.

The Epson D1000 Printer, Ink & Media Bundle comprises of the following products:

• 1 x D1000 Printer (Non Duplex Model).
• 1 Set of ink.
• 1 Waste tank.
• 4 Rolls of 6'' paper.

The NEW Epson SureLab SL-D1000 Compact MiniLab Printer.

Epson reimagine the Minilab Printer with the NEW Epson SureLab SL-D1000.

EPSON SL-D1000 printer features a small footprint, outstanding photographic image quality, a print engine designed for reliability with fast production speeds and an option for double-sided printing (see the Epson SL-D1000 Duplex printer model here), the new Epson SureLab D1000 Minilab printer creates innovative, profitable opportunities for your photography, events or printing business.

Epson SL-D1000 Main features:

• Standard printing on roll paper (maximum roll length: 65 meters).
• 16% smaller size/ footprint than the SL-D800.
• 24% lighter than previous model.
• Smaller size and lower weight make it easier to transport and very 'Event Print' friendly!
• Connectivity includes LAN, WI Fi and USB connections, increasing flexibility of printer location.
• Epson’s Integrated Ink Pack System ink pouches: 25% more ink capacity and less waste volume than cartridges.
• LCD display screen.
• Doubled printer longevity*.
• Faster print speed (460 4" x 6" prints per hour.) *
• Integrated output tray.
• improved heating system results in noticeably quieter printing and also lowers power consumption.
• Epson Cloud Solution PORT compatible.

Also available with Duplex Double-Sided Printing. Unlimited Creativity.

Expand your business offerings by printing diverse applications with fast, efficient double-sided printing on sheet media to use for photobooks.

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