Champion RA4 Primaprint SP VR Dev Replenisher 6 x 10L

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Champion RA4 Primaprint SP VR Dev Replenisher 6 x 10L.

Champion's Primaprint SP VR Developer Replenisher is a homogeneous, clear, clean, variable rate (VR) Single Part (SP) Developer Replenisher for the RA-4 process.

This product can be used as a drop-inreplacement Developer Replenisher for many other similar rep. rate P1 developers at the same times, temperatures and replenishment rates.

The advantages of single part technology are clear - it's easy to use - just add water, plus, with less parts to mix together there is less chance of mixing errors, as well as saving time in the mixingprocess and potentially saving packaging waste.

Champion RA4 Primaprint SP VR Dev Replenisher Features:

• Single Part (SP) homogeneous, clear developer is easy to use - just mix with water. No parts to mix togehter and so less packaging waste.
• Replenishment rate of 108mls/m2 at 38oC or 160mls/m2 at 35oC.
• Special chelates allows SP to stay in solution (even in hard water areas0.
• No hard-to-clean deposits in working/replenisher tanks.
• Variable rate (VR) replenisher operates in a wide variety of processors at various temperatures.
• Clean formulation significantly reduces 3 types of developer dirt:
   1. Developer Creep (oxidized developer agent on crossover rollers/racks).
   2. Tar-like suspended oxidized compounds in the developersolution that stick to rollers and racks.
   3. Cement-like calcified salts, caused by local hard water andpaper hardening agent, which fall to the bottom of the tank.
• FRESH AIR INCLUDED! - no fishy/ bad smell (in most instances).
• Easy drop-in replacement on top of existing chemistry.
• Extended shelf life.
• Pack contains 6 x 10 Litres.

Please see 'Downloads' tab for MSDS and Specification information.

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SKU: 140163

B and W and-or Colour : Colour

Brand: Champion

Chemistry Function : Developer

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