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Champion NatureCare SP60 Developer Replenisher to make 6 x 10L.

Champion Photochemistry's Naturecare SP-60 Developer/Replenisher is a Single Part, high stability developer designed to cope with all processing environments and paper.

Champion NatureCare SP60 Developer Replenisher Features:

• Easy to mix single part developer, ideally suited for manual, Rockwell or equivalent mixers.
• Replenishment rate 60mls/m2 @38oC.
• Special chelates for hard water areas, No hard-to-clean deposits in Developer /Replenisher tanks.
• Reduced Developer Creep (oxidized developer agent on crossover rollers/racks).
• Clean formulation significantly reduces 3 types of developer dirt:
      1, Developer Creep (oxidized developer agent on crossover rollers/racks).
      2, Tar-like suspended oxidized compounds in the developer solution that stick to rollers and racks.
      3.Cement-like calcified salts, caused by local hard water and paper hardening agent, which fall to the bottom of the tank.
• Easy drop-in replacement on top of existing chemistry.
• FRESH AIR INCLUDED –no fishy/bad smell in most instances.
• Extended shelf life – minimum 1 year from the date of manufacture in unopened container.
• Pack contains concentrate to make 6 x 10 Litres.

Please see 'Downloads' tab for MSDS and Specification information.

Technical Information

SKU: 140170

B and W and-or Colour : Colour

Brand: Champion

Chemistry Function : Developer

Film and or Paper : Paper

Quantity In Pack : 6

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