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Photographic Distributor Tetenal achieve completion of the 250th Epson SureLab D3000 installation at London-based Munro Pharmacy, helping them upgrade to the leading Epson inkjet solution from their previous thermal dry lab.

Munro Pharmacy, a family run business based in East London has been serving customers for over two decades and has provided an on-site photographic service for the last 18 years.

Chief Operations Executive Rochelle Hall has been working closely with Tetenal to integrate photo retail services into both sites and grow it further year by year. Recently she has decided to commit to an Epson inkjet solution with the SureLab D3000 which has recently been installed at the High Street North branch by Tetenal.

Rochelle explains why this has been an important development for the business: “The Epson SureLab is a big step forward for us. The professional quality, lower maintenance requirements and additional print sizes are only a few of the benefits that convinced me to commit to this new photo lab.”

When speaking to Munro Pharmacy earlier this year, Tetenal Hardware Manager Chris Castle saw the potential to grow the pharmacy’s photo department even further with the Epson SureLab D3000. Rochelle remembers how Chris advised her at the time: “Chris explained that the Epson solution would enable us to offer much better quality prints

(Suhail, Photographic Technician (left) and Maan, Photographic Team Leader at Munro Pharmacy)

as well as a larger range of print sizes. Two key factors which have already increased our sales in the short time we have been printing with the new lab.”

In addition to the benefits of the dry lab itself, Rochelle further points out why she chose Authorised Epson Partner Tetenal when purchasing the equipment:

“After working together with Tetenal for many years, they were the first point of contact for us when looking at new equipment. The fact that Tetenal offer technical service in addition to selling the equipment is also a plus as we can rely on Tetenal’s support if there are any issues.”

Why the Epson SureLab?

The worldwide leaders in inkjet print innovation, have a complete range of inkjet photo printing solutions suitable for your business. The Epson Surelab Printer Range sets new levels of photo print performance. Whether you’re a Schools Lab, a Production Lab or a Retail Photo Centre or Pharmacy, the scalable Epson solutions will offer you the most advanced level of inkjet photo printing available.

EPSON SURELAB-D3000 Setting new levels in photo print performance

The Epson SureLab D3000 was developed with ease of use in mind. Virtually all maintenance has been automated, including print head cleaning, paper feed adjustments, head alignments, and more. The simple, compact design allows for almost any photo printing environment to have a photo lab on-site. The SureLab D3000 is a compact digital dry lab with improved print quality, perfect for upgrading your business.

Where can I see the printer in action?

You are welcome to visit our dedicated Epson Showroom at Tetenal. Our offices are centrally located in Leicester, just off junction 21 on the M1. Get in touch to arrange a demo.

Two leaders, one strong relationship

Tetenal has established a strong collaboration with Epson, the world leader in inkjet technology, serving customers across the UK photo and printing market. The joined completion of the 250th Epson D3000 sale is now the latest milestone in the strong relationship, as Phil McMullin details below.

“Tetenal has been a long term Epson partner with deep roots in the traditional photo market making them key to the success of our SureLab printer range.

These days Tetenal represent the new breed of Epson reseller whose expertise has developed with changing markets extending their reach into the sign and display market.

Phil McMullin,
ProGraphic Sales Manager,
Epson UK

However, with both feet still firmly in the photographic market their experience has provided Epson with the required stable platform of expertise and support for our SureLab success and we are delighted to achieve the 250th SureLab D3000 installation with Tetenal here in the UK.

Without their in-depth knowledge and expertise it wouldn’t have been possible to achieve this landmark number of SureLab D3000 installations.”


Visit the Epson stand at this year’s Photokina exhibition in Cologne, 26th - 29th Sept. Meet a Tetenal representative at the Epson stand and we’ll talk you through the benefits of the SureLab D3000 and other Epson solutions. Stand B021 & C020, Hall 02.2

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